Requirements & Application

Transportation Membership

Our Transportation Membership is charged monthly.  Our transport routes are quick and efficient and planned strategically to benefit the pups.  We only have a certain amount of spots in the van per day.  You will be charged for your chosen membership each month – if you cancel any days during the month we will still charge you as that spot is saved for your pup.  If you want to switch a day and we don’t have it available we will still charge you for your original day.

Clients can choose a 2 Day/Week Membership, 3 Day/Week Membership, 4 Day/Week Membership , 5 Day/Week Membership.

Invoices are sent out on the 25th of each month and due no later than the 1st to continue your Fit Dog Transport Membership!  No refunds and no make up days!

Transportation Daily fee is $46.00

Fit Dog Transport Cancellation Policy- please email 1 month prior to cancel your Fit Dog Membership.

Drop in Service at our West Town Location (506 N Hermitage)

Fit Dog offers Drop In Service at our West Town location at 506 N Hermitage Ave.  You can drop off your pup in the morning and pick up in the afternoon for a full day of FUN!

Our Drop In Service is open: Monday through Friday 7a-7p

Saturday & Sunday 9a-3p

Drop In Service Daily Fee $40.00

Drop In Service 10 Pack – 10 Sessions for $350

Drop In Service Unlimited Auto Renew each month $600

  1. All dogs must be social and evaluated by Fit Dog
  2. Puppies are welcome, but must be over 16 weeks old and Vet approved
  3. All MALE dogs must be neutered before starting daycare/boarding at Fit Dog Chicago.
  4. A copy of vaccines — rabies, bordetella and distemper/parvo, flu
  5. All dogs MUST be vaccinated for the flu
  6. All dogs must be parasite free
  7. City tags are mandatory
  8. Two sets of keys to your home
  9. Add Fit Dog to the approved list of companies which will allow us to enter and leave your building. This applies to high rises and buildings with doormen.
  10. Transport pups will be charged for their scheduled days each month, no refunds or make up days.


Please complete and sign the application, and send to Fit Dog.

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