Requirements & Application

Dogs Only!

  1. All dogs must be social and evaluated by Fit Dog
  2. Puppies are welcome, but must be over 16 weeks old and Vet approved
  3. A copy of vaccines — rabies, bordetella and distemper/parvo, flu
  4. All dogs MUST be vaccinated for the flu
  5. All dogs must be parasite free
  6. City tags are mandatory
  7. Two sets of keys to your home
  8. Add Fit Dog to the approved list of companies which will allow us to enter and leave your building. This applies to high rises and buildings with doormen.
  9. Two day minimum per week is required all year round or duration of time at Fit Dog 
  10. We save your spot on the route each week and you will be charged the 2 day minimum each week of $80.00.  Space is limited and to ensure your spot each week we will charge this membership fee.


Please complete and sign the application, and send to Fit Dog.

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